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About Us



STEVERA® is literally a joint family venture, we were married in 1993 and STEVERA, the business was created in 2008. It’s a marriage between Steve + Vera = STEVERA. We were both born and raised in Los Angeles. Everything we do is a collaboration and we put much love and pride into all things STEVERA the business, the product and our family. 

Vera is the “Rock” ‘n Steve is the “Roll”




Steve, the charismatic President has the most fun-loving, out-going personality but don’t let that fool you he’s tough as nails. He has many labels; husband, friend, ex-mailman, philosopher, thriver and recently added “Miracle Man”… On September 18, 2016 he survived a sudden cardiac death from an undetected birth defect. With only a .5% chance of survival, Steve being Steve bounced back and is growing stronger every day. He now embodies our Logo, the phoenix that was created in 2009 as he rose from the ashes to start again. We joke that if you don’t like Steve something’s wrong with you lol He brings the oxygen to Vera’s fire. He’s the kind of guy you’d like to sit, chill and have a beer with.




Vera, the CEO is not what you might think when you see her. She is an girly-girl, with an edge, yet walks with peace and love in her heart. Everything she does she puts tremendous thought into and does so with purpose. A couple of nicknames are Wonder Woman and Diehard. Steve describes her as “one of the kindest people”. The artist and business person, type A and OCD, somewhat of an anomaly. Music is her biggest inspiration, second to Steve, but what surprises many is her love for heavy metal (horns up!). She has been in the retail industry for over 30 years with some amazing companies; Puma, Nordstrom, Estee Lauder, Victoria’s Secret, Shiseido, The Body Shop and Nike. She has learned a lot of amazing skills and thought why not take that knowledge and do it for myself. She proudly describes herself as a passionate, unique, freak and rebel.




 Our dream was to create a company for our family. So what we ended up was creating an All American Lifestyle Brand. We are people with picky taste and only make what we would wear, so quality first. We create high-end designs without the high-end prices, so more people can enjoy a taste of luxury. So you’re not just buying our quality products, your part of our family. We pride ourselves in what we design, create, manufacture and distribute, basically the whole enchilada is done here in L.A.! 




The phoenix, a mythical bird that has eternal life, rises from the ashes and starts again. We chose the phoenix as it’s such an inspirational figure, to inspire the re-birth aspect. No matter where you are in life you can choose change and start fresh. The arrowhead tail reflects our Native American culture, when the arrow is in the “down” position it means shooting for the stars. When you wear OUR phoenix, you’re choosing to rise up! By using STEVERA Brand products you are helping us spread a message of inspiration, aspiration, peace, love and hope.